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It took me a long time to find this book!  I remembered reading it in middle school but I couldn’t remember the title or author name.  I must have spent a year randomly Googling bizarre combinations of keywords before I finally got a hit on someone’s Goodreads page.  I immediately ordered a cheap copy online (with the same bizarre cover I remember from the 7th grade) because my local library system didn’t have it.
It arrived yesterday and I started reading it after dinner and I just finished it this morning.  Not quite as creepy as I remember but not as awful as I feared.  Not bad, actually.  I am pleased to add it to my weird little collection of library rejects and book club editions of books I loved as a kid.  
So, if you too have been trying to find that book you remember about the teenage boy housesitting at a mansion where there had been a recent murder-suicide and you vaguely remember something about an attack dog, and something about insulin, and something about Nazis — you are not crazy.  You are thinking of Haunted by Judith St. George.

by Amadeus Leitner
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"People seem to think embracing life means to jump off cliffs and kiss strangers. Maybe it’s just slowly learning to love yourself."


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Getting ready for life at the commune

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